2021-2022 TNT Dance Schedule

This is the current schedule for the 2021-2022 dance year.  Please feel free to bookmark this in your browser or mobile device for future reference.  This schedule is subject to change so please check back often.

2021 – 2022 TNT Dance Studio Schedule


Classes begin Monday, September 13th.


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  • Monday

    3:45-4:45pm Competitive Edge Technique
    4:45-5:15pm Dancely (Ages 3-5.5)
    5:15-6:00pm Boyz Breakdancing (Ages 7-13)
    6:00-7:00pm Jr. Ballet/Contemporary (Ages 10-13)
    7:00-7:45pm Jr. Musical Theater (Ages 10-13)
    7:45-8:30pm Hip Hop Production (Ages 10-13)
    8:30-9:15pm Musical Theater Production (Ages 14+)

  • Tuesday

    3:45-4:30pm Baton (Ages 8+)
    4:30-5:15pm Jr. Tap (Ages 10-13)
    5:15-6:00pm Jr. Jazz (Ages 10-13)
    6:00-7:00pm Mini Company/Home Team Technique (Ages 6-12)
    7:00-7:45pm Senior Tap
    7:45-8:45pm Senior Ballet
    8:45-9:30pm Adult Combo

  • Wednesday

    3:45-4:45pm Adv. Senior Ballet
    4:45-5:30pm Adv. Senior Jazz
    5:30-6:15pm Acro 2 (Ages 7-11)
    6:15-7:00pm Intermediate Ballet/Tap (Ages 8-10)
    7:00-8:30pm Senior Jazz/Contemporary
    8:30-9:15pm Senior Hip Hop

  • Thursday

    3:45-4:15pm Kidz Hop II/III (Ages 6-9)
    4:15-5:00pm Super Star Ballet/Tap (Ages 6-7)
    5:00-5:45pm Shining Stars Ballet/Tap (Ages 4-6)

    6:15-7:00pm Adv. Senior Tap
    7:00-7:45pm Adv. Senior Contemporary
    7:45-8:30pm Accelerated Hip Hop

  • Friday

    3:45-4:30pm Acro 3
    4:30-5:15pm Ballet Technique
    5:15-5:45pm Pointe

    6:00-6:30pm Darby’s Dancers I *Starts October (Ages 12+)
    6:30-8:00pm Competitive Edge



    8:45-9:45am Mini Company (Ages 6-8)
    9:45-10:30am Shooting Stars Ballet/Tap (Ages 4-5)
    10:30-11:00am Rising Stars (Ages 2.5-4)
    11:00- 11:45am Future Star Ballet/Tap (Age 5)
    11:45-12:30pm Kidz Hop I/Tumble (Ages 4.5-6)
    12:30-1:15pm Mini/Intermediate Musical Theater/Jazz (Ages 6-9)
    1:15-2:00pm Home Team (Ages 9-15)
    2:00-2:30pm Darby’s Dancers II *Starts October (Ages 7-11)

  • * Returning dancers must be recommended for placement in all classes
    * All Dancers must be recommended for all Level I, II, and III Ballet Classes
    * All Dancers taking Pointe Class must take a minimum of 2 Ballet classes plus their Pointe Class
    * Ballet/Contemporary placement: If any dancer is recommended for multiple levels the dancer must take the lower level class to be eligible for the higher level class

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