2019-2020 TNT Dance Schedule

This is the current schedule for the 2019-2020 dance year.  Please feel free to bookmark this in your browser or mobile device for future reference.  This schedule is subject to change so please check back often.


Classes begin Monday, September 9th.


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  • Monday

    3:45-4:30pm Adv./Teen Tap Ages 14+
    4:30-5:15pm Adv./Teen Jazz Ages 14+
    5:15-6:30pm Adv./Teen Ballet/Contemporary Ages 14+
    6:30-7:15pm Pointe Ages 13+
    7:15-8:30pm Teen Ballet/Contemporary Ages 13+
    8:30-9:15pm High School Hip Hop Ages 14+

  • Tuesday

    11:00-11:45am Adult Combo *Starts Oct. 1 st Ages 18+
    11:45am-12:45pm Adult Tap/Ballet *Starts Oct. 1 st Ages 18+

    4:00-4:30pm Kidz Hop I Ages 4.5-7
    4:30-5:15pm Gymnastics/Acro I Ages 5-11
    5:15-6:00pm Gymnastics/Acro II Ages 6-18
    6:00-7:00pm Pre-Teen Tap/Jazz Ages 10-12
    7:00-8:15pm Pre-Teen Ballet/Contemporary Ages 10-12
    8:15-9:00pm Gymnastics/Acro III Ages 10-18

  • Wednesday

    3:45-4:30pm Musical Theater I Ages 7-11
    4:30-5:30pm Intermediate Ballet/Contemporary Ages 8-10
    5:30-6:00pm Boys Tap Ages 7-16
    6:00-6:45pm Hip Hop Production Ages 11-14
    6:45-7:30pm Musical Theater II Ages 12-18
    7:30-8:15pm Teen Jazz Ages 13-18
    8:15-9:00pm Teen Tap Ages 13-18

  • Thursday

    3:45-4:15pm Mini Jazz Ages 6-8
    4:15-5:15pm Mini Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 6-8
    5:15-6:00pm Kidz Hop II Ages 7-10
    6:00-7:00pm Intermediate Tap/Jazz Ages 8-10
    7:00-7:45pm Boyz Breakdancing Ages 7-18
    7:45-8:30pm Advanced Breakdancing Ages 12-18
    8:30-9:00pm TNT Hip Hop Crew *Audition Class Ages 12+

  • Friday

    3:45-4:15pm Darby’s Dancers *Starts Oct. 4th Ages 12+
    4:30-5:00pm Darby’s Dancers *Starts Oct. 4th Ages 5-11


    8:45-9:30am Creative Movement Ages 2.5-4
    9:45-10:30am Move With Me *Parent Participation Ages 12Months-2
    10:45-11:45am Future Star Ballet/Tap Ages 4-6
    11:45am-12:30pm Musical Theater Ages 5.5-9
    12:30-1:15pm Body Conditioning Ages 8-18

  • * Returning dancers must be recommended for placement in all classes
    * All Dancers must be recommended for all Level I, II, and III Ballet Classes
    * All Dancers taking Pointe Class must take a minimum of 2 Ballet classes plus their Pointe Class
    * Ballet/Contemporary placement: If any dancer is recommended for multiple levels the dancer must take the lower level class to be eligible for the higher level class

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