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Hey gang, Budd here, TNT’s Web Developer Guy and father of currently 3 girls (Kloee Rai, Brianna Lynn, and Hunter Brooke) attending TNT Dance Studio.  I would like to introduce you to the new website, and let you know about a lot of the changes that have happened.  So without further ado…

First things first, we’ve upgraded the back-end.  There were a few issues here and there where content was not being displayed correctly when there were to many users on the site simultaneously, as we were using a GoDaddy Shared Hosting plan, a poorly designed theme, and an older Content Management System.  We have now moved to a dedicated box that I personally am on / and / or working on everyday and the WordPress platform which is used by 21% of the world.

Secondly, we’ve created our own Social Network.  Now, this may seem a bit odd at first, but imagine your child’s school not having it’s own network for teachers, parents, and students to be able to communicate on. The current methods used for this company’s updates are provided via Facebook and emailed documents.  Not all parents want their children to be on such a public and easily accessible network.  Also, many parents and students have a hard time opening emailed documents because of formatting issues for there was no standardized method of sending and receiving information.  Our own network solves these issues.

If you have access to the internet, you will know what is going on with TNT.  If you and your child wants to interact with other dance students and teachers like you were physically at the studio, you will be able to do that as well.  If you and your child wants to be protected from the outside elements of the Internet, this network solves this.  If you have a special project or fundraiser you are doing for the studio or the team, you can collaborate with others on the TNT Network and have a place where everyone can meet up and pool their ideas together, without leaving your living room.

As your child grows with TNT, so will the usefulness of this network.

Hopefully this will make things a lot easier when it comes to updates, newsletters, collaboration, schedule changes, and such.  I am going to be finalizing some settings here and there and making sure everything goes smooth over the next few days.  Please feel free to connect with Miss Tiff, Miss Terri, or Mr. Jesse with any feedback, and be sure to have them forward it to me.

Thanks and enjoy.


Budd Grant


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