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The Dance Season at TNT begins in the fall (mid/late September), with classes going through the winter months and ending in the spring (April/May) with our annual spring production. During spring/summer break we offer an exciting variety of dance camps for children of all ages.

Our all-inclusive pricing structure is simple, convenient, and affordable. Monthly tuition includes everything; membership fee, class time, recital costume(s), professional class photos, 2 recital tickets and a DVD of the performance. Make easy payments by creating an online account with us through our Parent Portal.

Have more questions? Contact our desk and we’ll be happy to answer them! Email us at, or call/text #(866)868-0033

TNT Dance Studio strives to create a judgement free zone for an optimal learning
environment. Our dress code enables the student to move properly and with free range of
motion; allows the teacher to quickly identify and correct alignment and safety issues; reduces
social and economic barriers within the studio; shows respect for the teacher and classmates by
taking your time in class seriously, fosters self-discipline and personal responsibility; and creates
pride in engaging with the long history of the art of dance!

*Note: Trialing a class for the first time and don’t have any dance-wear yet? No need to stress! For a trial class, all you need is clothes you are comfortable moving in, clean “indoor” shoes or bare feet, and a water!

TNT Dress Code:

Dancers are asked to wear their hair neatly tied back out of their face for every class! Ballet and
Pointe students are encouraged to wear a bun. Students must have a “dance bag” that they
carry in and out of the studio. This helps with staying prepared for classes, as well as keeping track of personal belongings. Items you should have are; water, dance shoes (Inside use only!), notebook & pencil, and an extra set of dance clothes.


● Ballet – Black leotard (any sleeve style – no halters please), pink footed ballet tights with
pink ballet slippers or flesh-toned footed tights with flesh-toned ballet slippers
Or Black/White t-shirt, with black soft pants or footless leggings, and black ballet slippers
(Ballet slippers will preferably be leather split sole, although canvas is permitted. Ballet skirts
may be worn as long as they are not a distraction. Legwarmers and/or dance sweaters are
permitted in cold weather. Dancers may be asked to remove warm-ups once class is in

● Tap, Musical Theater, Jazz, and Contemporary – Solid top: leotard, fitted shirt or tank top.
Solid black bottoms: tights, soft pants, or footless leggings.

● Hip Hop and Break-Dance students may accessorize with black sweatpants etc. (Note: if
clothing is too baggy teachers cannot be sure dancers are moving correctly). Baseball
hats or bandanas that are not distracting to learning will be permitted.


● Tap – Dancers 9 years old and younger may wear a black Mary-Jane style tap shoe.
Dancers 10 years old and up should wear black Oxford style tap shoes.
● Jazz/Musical Theater – Black slip on Jazz Shoes are preferred, however tie up jazz
shoes are okay (dancers must be able to tie their own shoes).
● Contemporary/Acro – Dancers should be barefoot or wear a gripping sock.
● Hip Hop/Breakdancing – Black non marking-sole sneakers (ankle support

Each year TNT Dance Studio has two Spring Productions to showcase all of the hard work the dancers have done during the dance season. All students are encouraged to perform with their class.

This year’s production will be at the Waterville Opera House:

Saturday, April 29th | Sunday, April 30th

Have more questions? Contact our desk and we’ll be happy to answer them!
Email us at, or call/text #(866)868-0033

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