TNT Dance Studio is thrilled to be teamed up with the Darby’s Dancers program for dancers with special needs. This will be our first season with the program which we hope will be many more. Please take a minute and learn about the program as well as Darby and her inspiration to her family and now kids all over the United States!


Mission Statement: To provide dance education to children with special needs at no cost to their families and offer a foundation for inclusion with other dancers within an established dance organization.
We provide classes, dance attire, shoes and costumes at no cost to the families. Each child is paired with a teen volunteer that acts as their personal coach. A booster club or parent organization is responsible for fundraising and charitable contributions. Twenty percent of funds raised will be sent to Darby’s Dancers National Organization to fund operating costs and assistance to each local chapter. Each local group is responsible for raising funds to run their program and for conducting the dance program in their studio at the discretion of the owner (songs, choreographing, costuming, etc.). The national
organization generally oversees all groups requiring a quarterly report of events and monthly financial statements from their bank.

Our Vision: To open as many Darby’s Dancers organizations as possible across the United States making it feasible for all children with special needs to participate in the performing arts. Each organization must adhere to the highest standards of quality and respect as set forth by the national organization.

Values Statement: Each Darby’s Dancers organization must be fully incorporated into the life of the local dance studio, where upon each child is fully accepted and respected as a part of the dance studio family. Each child is to be treated with the utmost kindness and respect and every consideration is to be made to accommodate their special needs.

About the Founders: Valerie and Patrick Jones are the parents of Darby Emma Jones who is the inspiration for Darby’s Dancers. Valerie is a former special education teacher and counselor and holds a master’s degree in special education and school counseling and an education specialist degree in counseling. She worked 30 years with students with special needs and worked with hundreds of families making sure the appropriate services were provided for their children. She has volunteered in several area businesses working with children with special needs. Her passion for children, especially those with special needs, has been demonstrated for many years in multiple settings with a natural warmth and love contagious to all. Patrick is an attorney with a Juris Doctorate (law) and an undergraduate degree in accounting. He also owns and manages several rental properties and homes. Patrick is well versed in special education law and in caring and providing for a person with special needs in a legal sense. The Joneses raised and actively advocated for their daughter, Darby, who had Down syndrome and leukemia. They currently own and operate Dogwood Manor Bed and Breakfast in Huntsville, Alabama. Since the death of their daughter in October 2013, they have worked diligently to start Darby’s Dancers so that other children and families can have the same wonderful experiences as their daughter. She was a STAR and they want the children in your communities to be STARS too. They believe that ALL children have the right to education in the performing arts and they know how important it is for every child to have a group they can belong to. Patrick and Valerie believe that Darby’s Dancers is a winning combination for all involved and hope that the national organization will grow and become known, loved and cherished by all.


Contact TNT Dance Studio for more information on signing up for the program, volunteering, and fundraising efforts with the Darby’s Dancers – Fairfield Chapter.


The organizations contact info is:

501(c)(3) Organization
707 Chase Road
Huntsville, Alabama 35811

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