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Miss Tiffany

Growing up in the dance studio as a young child, Miss Tiffany started to demonstrate by age 7 and taught her own choreography and classes in her mother’s studio by age 12. Miss Tiffany spent over 10 years as an active competitor in DanceAmerica Competitions, traveling across the nation to compete in Lyrical, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Her final stop on the competition circuit was when she landed 2nd in the nation for a hip hop solo in Las Vegas during the summer of 2004.

Miss Tiffany has taught with Joan Lather, “Miss Puffy,” on tour for Northeast Workshop for Dancers in New Hampshire. As well as in Pittsburgh PA, Daytona FL, Atlanta GA and the DanceMakers National Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC. Miss Puffy and Miss Tiffany created the KIDZ HOP syllabus. Volume #1, #2 & 3 have been completed already. They will be spreading the positive aspects of hip hop culture and giving teachers nationwide the confidence to start teaching KIDZ HOP to dancers ages 3 and up! You can see Miss Tiffany in the DanceMakers 2010, 2011 & 2012 National Tour and Fall/Winter Tour DVDs.

Miss Tiffany has been the recipient for Choreography, Judges Choice and Overall High Score awards at both the regional and national level.

Miss Tiffany has taken master classes in every genre of dance from Ballroom to Breakin’, studying with some of the dance industry’s biggest names since the age of 8. She has studied with Mia Michaels (SYTYCD Judge and Choreographer), Wade Robson (SYTYCD, MTV, and Stage Choreographer), Tony Meridith and Melanie LaPatin (SYTYCD Choreographers, Ballroom Champions), Gus Giordano, Debbi Dee, Joe Lanteri, and Sam Fiorello, to name a few. The convention and competition circuit has inspired her to stay up to date in the ever growing dance world, traveling across the United States often to learn fresh material to teach at TN’T. Miss Tiffany is inspired to give students the chance to experience dance outside of Central Maine. She hopes to build a love for the education of dance through both recreational and Competitive Edge programs. She is a member of the Maine Dance Teachers Club and has done choreography for various pageants, Touch of Country, Kennebec Dance Center, and Bradley’s School of Dance before stepping up to run TNT in 2007.

“It has been a dream come true every step of the way, I always knew that I wanted to teach dance.”

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